Answers to your questions

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About you questions:
Are you still in socks in your class?
I don't know if we understand your question right but we want to try to answer you. Yes we still have socks on in our class. All the children take their shoes off when they enter the school. They can use slippers inside or just stay on their socks. But strangely all the teachers have their shoes on inside (in class).
The soft toys
Usually we don't have soft toys in our class. But We assume that the pictures you are referring to is a pictures from the teddy bear day in our school, then the children in our younger classes are allowed to have their soft toys and they go to the library and learn about the teddy bear day. But we also took a lot of pictures of student's in 4th class which are in an etwinning project called the Dog and the turtle. The softtoys travel around Europe and the children learn about each other, their countries and cultures.
Our school
About the photograph! It's not our school. This is a another school here in Gardabaer. It's name is Flataskóli and we don't know if it was the purpose to shape it like a man. Here you can see picture of our school.

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