Bonjour Olivier and our friend class in Montlaur

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Bonjour Olivier and our friend class in Montlaur

Thank you very much for your package. It has arrived and the children will open it today. We have been working on our presentations and we finally uploaded it yesterday to the etwinning. I also sent it to you Olivier by mail because of the sound.

About our last days before christmas holiday
For the last few days the children in our school have been preparing their Christmas entertainment (show). The day before Christmas holiday (Friday 17th) all the children from grade 1 to grade 4 (6-9 year olds) get together in the auditorium and watch Nativity play, listen to music and other entertainment which the children prepare. At the end of the show we have a Christmas dance. We dance around our Christmas tree and the Yule lads visits the school. Then we have a Christmas holiday. Children from grade 5 to grade 7 (10-12 year olds) do the same, but the Yule lads are gone.

The children will be back in school January 5th. But the teachers start their preparation two days earlier.

When does your holiday start? We have sent you a package which we hope you will get before your holiday but we can only wish.

We just want to wish you happy holidays
Joyeux Noël from all of us here in our school.

Au revoir
Elísabet, Ingibjörg and the children from class 3.IS

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