Dernières nouvelles de nos amis islandais.

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Hello our friends

The volcanic eruption is still ongoing. It has thrown up a 6-7 km high plume of ash and disrupted air traffic across northern Europe for a week or so.  Last days all domestic flights have been cancelled but our international airport was moved to Akureyri (the northern part of Iceland) and all flights abroad have been from there. Buses drive to Akureyri with people and it is about 6 hours drive. From there they fly to Glasgow and the international flights are managed from there.
But today April 26th they are opening our airports again. The spread of Ash has reduced and hopefully it will be possible to fly next days from our domestic airport in Reykjavík and international airport in Keflavik
People in the travel business here in Iceland are worried. The tourism for the summer was looking good but now the bookings have dropped. So there is a lot of work ahead.
Eyjafjallajokull is not throwing up as much of ash but now we have lava running down the north side. There is no sign that the volcanic eruption is coming to an end.
The locals are worried about their farms and homes. There is a lot of ash covering their fields and they have been forced to move animals away because of poisoning atmosphere. People are using masks to cover their mouth when they walk outside during the worst days when the ash was spreading.
This weekend many people went to the locals to help them clean up the ash from their homes and fields and for the next days and weeks a large group of people from different groups and organizations will use their spare time to help out.
Here in our Town Gardabaer and in our capital we have not been so aware of the ash. They thought it would maybe have some impact on us this weekend but it didn’t bother us. We are all in good shape and live goes on as usually.
This week is a special week for the people in Gardabaer. It is dedicated to young people and their art. All around the town there are exhibitions and shows and there is a lot going on in the schools as well.
We have happenings such as children playing their instruments in the hall, groups going to the sea side using the sea to watercolor, exhibition of lamps children created in their innovation class and so on. Next Wednesday the 7th graders will have their annual celebration and there is a tradition for having a talent competition. Those who want take part in the competition. We have many acts this year: Singing, Dancing, videos and a lot more.
We wish you all the best
The Children in 2. I.S. will next Thursday finish their introduction of the Icelandic animals and we will upload it to the TwinSpace.
Elisabet and Ingibjorg from Iceland

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