Dear friends Icelandic!!

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Dear friends Icelandic!!

Thank you for the slideshow! The children loved it. Sound does not work but we listened to songs online.
 We'll be on vacation December 17 and we start the class on Jan. 3. (professors and students at the same time).
 We hope that your package will arrive tomorrow, but here there is snow and we're not used as you and the transportation is very disturbed.

 Tomorrow, Father Christmas goes on in our school. Grandfathers and grandmothers of the village prepare us good cake and we sing Christmas carols.
 The Father Christmas bearing gifts for each class. we ordered the football nets, a planetarium and a teddy (one Harfan of snow).


 We want to tell you what a great pleasure for us to work with you because you learn a lot and the teaching of English seems simpler. you're very lucky to work with Elisabet Ingibjorg and carrying out an educational work really great.


Did you like our cards, our letters? We asked whether certain things should be improved.


 we want to offer you a videoconference in February. Each child would describe an animal with its corresponding and must guess which one it is. (Among a list of 25 animals). Each correct answer, one point for a country (like in Eurovision!). The country has the fewest points will have to learn a song in the language of the conqueror. do you agree?
 We wish you happy holidays and merry Christmas.

 see you soon

 Your French friends and Olivier


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